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HAINING YILITE KNITTING CO.,LTD. owns the computerised knitting machine dedicated to one-through seamless underwear. we have imported of dyeing machines, sewing machines in brand of Flying Horse, Hitachi company.These advanced equipments ensures that the taste and beauty of our seamless underwear can be showed completely.Our products adapt to the request of the different type of figure in Asia, Europe and America etc.The products are made according to the human body curve & the physiology function, through the computer CAD design, adopt Du Pont's Lycra,combed and carded yarns of cotton,raw silk,spun silk, collodion silk, acrylic clad thread, polyester elastic yarn etc, together with elegant color chiffons.It has following functions:comfortable, stick to body, well ventilated, and more for shrinking the abdomen,lifting lip, convex chest etc.Every style is a perfect combination of comfort, health,elegance,modern.It is a representative product showing the elegant demeanour of female & the vogue principle underwear. Meanwhil our products are expand to many other professional realm i.e. vogue underwear, sports underwear,casual underwear, warm underwear etc.

We have been reputable due to our products with reliable quality at a reasonable price and our good service. And our merchandise have been sold to Japan, the South Korea, Hong Kong and countries in American and European continent. Moreover, we have been acting as a contract manufacturer for some big underwear companies in the world.